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Which is:

Endura which applies Haunt makeup, Airbrush Tattoos Face art Body Painting Cosplay

Theatrical makeup Film and prosthetics Special FX makeup Beauty, runway Underwater Commercials Stage, and performance makeup. Which is an alcohol-based makeup known for durability, quick-drying, rich coverage, and crack and clog-free performance. Due to its remarkable performance under extreme conditions, Endura is the preferred choice for artists looking for durable, water, sweat, and transfer-proof body makeup and FX paint. Manufactured by EBA Performance Makeup since 2001, Endura is trusted by tens of thousands of artists and businesses around the globe.


How to use it:

Endura is ready to go and can be applied with an airbrush, brush, or sponge.

Made with FDA-approved colors, Endura is perfectly safe for direct skin contact and prosthetic applications. Endura dries upon contact, making it ideal for a fast-paced special effects environment such as airbrush tattoos, haunted houses, movie sets, body art operations, and theater makeup departments.


Can it be:

For more realistic and translucent effects, the Endura alcohol-based colors can be cut down with the Transluz makeup thinner without sacrificing the quality and consistency of the paint.

  • Endura can be easily removed with baby oils, rubbing alcohol, or EBA’s VAPORE or UNVEIL alcohol makeup remover, and can it be advantages Water, sweat, and transfer proof for up to 7 days, Rich coverage No cracking, Instant drying, Applicable with airbrush, brush, or sponge, Easily Removable with VAPORE or UNVEIL.